Opening Hours

Manor Farm Fishing and the Tackle Barn are open all year, although opening hours vary according to the season. Please see below.


NOTE: The gates lock for entry to the site and Tackle Barn shuts at 6pm, however you can continue fishing on a day ticket until dusk as the gates will always allow you to exit the site.

Normal Opening Hours
  Monday - Thursday Friday  Saturday Sunday


3rd Nov - 28th Feb

8am - 4pm

8am - 5pm 7am - 5pm 7am - 4pm


1st Mar - 31st Mar

8am - 5pm

7am - 6pm

7am - 6pm 7am - 4pm


1st April - 31st Aug

7am - 6pm

7am - 6pm 7am - 6pm 7am - 4pm


1st Sept - 31st Oct

8am - 5pm 7am - 6pm 7am - 6pm 7am - 4pm

No entry to the fishery after the times displayed above, although it always possible to exit the site at any time.

Anglers must purchase their ticket before fishing. During winter opening hours anglers may come on site from 7am but should purchase their ticket shortly after 8am before continuing to fish. Tickets sold on the bank will incurr a £5.00 surcharge.

We reserve the right to close the lakes and Megastore at our own discretion for matches, group bookings, events and any other unforseen circumstances.