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Manor Farm is proud to offer fishing instruction for a range of courses, a variety of fishing techniques and all types of anglers. This includes fly fishing, coarse fishing, carp fishing and pole angling fishing lessons. Manor Farm Fishing encourages new fishers to engage with the sport alongside learning the basics required to be competent and confident to take part in that style of fishing.

When booking fishing instruction from Manor Farm Fishing, not only do you get a professional opinion but you also get unbiased advice regarding the purchase of equipment, whether that be on site with Manor Farm Fishing or somewhere else entirely.

All fishing instruction is provided by Peter Hartley, who specialises in fly fishing lessons, coarse fishing lessons, pole fishing lessons and carp fishing lessons. Peter is fully qualified to give fishing instruction and has been CRB checked, however it is advised that group events with children under 8 are also attended by an adult for health and safety reasons.

If you know someone who would love fishing instruction or fishing lessons, Manor Farm Fishing gift vouchers can be exchanged for fishing instruction so you can treat your loved ones and help them to become more competent fishers.

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