Fly fishing provides one of the most relaxing experiences available to passionate anglers. Although, when the fish strikes, nature suddenly comes to life and patience and dedication are suddenly transformed into excitement and anticipation as you reel in your catch. At Manor Farm, we dedicate every waking minute to making these kind of experiences possible for fishermen of all skill levels. We develop the most detailed and diverse flies available, making our lures ideal for any environment that engages you. Our fishing flies are carefully crafted by experts that share your passion for the angling experience. Manor Farms produces a number of fishing flies that are individually tailored for a huge variety of species. Our trout flies are extremely popular and proven effective. They provide consistent results and deliver the most outstanding performance of any fly available on today's market. Both professional and amateur anglers turn to us for our experience and dedication to the art of fishing. The latest equipment and techniques available to anglers are incorporated into every process that we use, allowing anglers to take their sport to the next level. Quality and performance are our promise to you, and this guarantee comes with every purchase that you make. Trout Flies, Stillwater Flies, Boobie Flies, and the Wilderness collection are among our most popular products for anglers from every background. Our Stillwater Lures come with a generous selection that will prepare you for the conditions that lay ahead. These lures packages include Orange Carrot Flies, Shuttlecock Black Buzzers, Natural Deerhair Lures, Black Hoppers, and Sparkle Gnats. Each of these flies has been proven to enhance your experience and raise levels of success tremendously. Boobie fishing packages also put a considerable number of lures at your fingertips, including Coral Stragglers, Cats Stragglers, Cats Long Tail, Viva Long Tail, and Pink Long Tails. Finally, the wilderness collection equips you for a number of conditions that you may face in the wild which could change at the drop of a hat. The hooks are chemically sharpened, increasing their performance while every lure is expertly tied and bronzed for durability. This package comes with the equipment necessary to tackle traditional trout outings or take on the challenge of pursuing predators.

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