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If you are partial to fly fishing in particular, here at Manor Farm Fishing, we have all the fly fishing equipment you will need to fulfil all potential fishing requirements. Fly fishing requires a lot of supplies and essentials and as you start obtaining these, you will need somewhere to keep them all. Manor Farm Fishing have got that covered too.

To begin with you will need a storage solution to keep all of fly fishing equipment safe. With a wide range of fly fishing luggage and fly fishing tackle bags such as gaming bags, tackle bags and net stink bags, you will have the perfect way to store all of your essential fly fishing tackle.

Here at Manor Farm, we are well aware of the fact that even if you have your kit ready to go, you are always looking for more fly fishing equipment to add your kit and take out with you on the water. With our range of lures, nymphs, lines and tools, we have everything from fly fishing nippers to fishing priests. To make landing your catch easier, we stock a range of telescopic landing nets.

If you are looking for some great deals on fly fishing tackle including fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, fishing flies, fishing fly boxes and any other fly fishing equipment, look no further than Manor Farm Fishing.

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