Air Dry Bags

Air Dry Bags | Carp Fishing Tackle | Korda Fishing Tackle

A great addition to your carp fishing tackle has to be air dry bags. These lightweight, drawstring bags are designed to keep your frozen bait aired to avoid moisture build up and mould.

With air dry bags coming from brands such as Fox, Trakker, Wychwood and more, you can stay loyal to your favourite brand or try something new. The products vary wildly and although they have the same function in mind, or being air dry bags, you can choose between different bag sizes and styles, including bags and towers.

These air dry bags can be an important part of your carp fishing tackle. The freshness and and state of the fishing bait you are using is really vital. The way that you store this bait is key and by using air dry bags, you can ensure you keep your bait in top condition and ready to catch those fish.

If you are looking to extend your collection of carp fishing tackle, air dry bags are the way to do it. You’ll love the range we stock at Manor Farm Fishing.

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